International Student from Kuwait stabbed at Knighsbridge by a bikers gang

An international student from LondonMet, was stabbed in his left arm by a thief with a knife, who aggressively tried to steal his watch and phone, at Knightsbridge, central London, on the Sunday night, May 7th. The vicious attack put him off university, left him with a deep, long cut in his left arm, a fractured wrist, and injuries that will take at least six weeks to recover from.
“There were 6 people on bikes, three came down to burglar me and my friend. To steal our phones, my watch. Two of them were holding knifes, and one of them, without requesting anything from me, immediately tried to stab me on my chest. I covered my body, and he stabbed me on my left arm. He wanted to continue stabbing me on my neck, and I was lucky that I managed to push him away. He fell down so we ran away”, told me, Saad Kakooli, 30, from Kuwait, who is a current student at the MA Digital Media, at LondonMet.
Kakooli detailed that the knife´s cut got into his arm´s nerve, and the consequence is that he has lost movement in three fingers, so he has not been able to come back to university. Also, he described that the London Police came after 10 minutes to the scene and, so far, they haven´t catch them.
“I went to the hospital, and I had an operation in my arm for 5 hours. Now, I am still feeling the pain. I have a broken wrist in the same arm, as well”, told Kakooli, who still in shock on how a social dinner with friends in an affluent London´s area, finished with him being part of London´s knife-crime statistics. The student, who is at the moment in Kuwait, will have to wait 6 weeks to full recovery from his wounds. “I am expecting to be back to work and able to write by Mid-June”.
The academic Elena Moschini, MA Digital´s Media leader and teacher at LondonMet, was shocked when she knew the Kakooli´s news, the day after he was stabbed. She expressed her worries and ask for the students to take precautions.
So far, this year 30 people has been stabbed to death in London, leaving the city with a knife-crime raise of third, when the statistic is compared with 2016. By this time last year, 23 people had already been victims of deadly stab.
Metropolitan Police and communities have expressed their concerns by this week emerging news that children as young as 6 and 10 years old are carrying knifes in London´s streets, saying that the youngsters: “say they feel naked if they haven’t got their knife with them”, declared to Metro Andy Smith, from social enterprise The Feel Good Bakery.

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Courtesy of Saad Kookuli.


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