Knife-crime, terror attacks, and why I don´t want to get used to it

There is a war in London and we don´t know when it´s going to hit us. A knife-war declared, that along with the, now too many, terrorist attacks make me think why we have not taken an aggressive measure to stop the killing of innocents. There must be something else we can do to stop seeing our children being massacred by lunatics.

The man that blow himself at Manchester Arena this week, was reported as suspect of radicalisation twice in the last five years. One time by his neighbour, and a second time by the local Iman, but nobody could stop him from killing 22 innocents. In March, another lunatic killed 5 people at Westminster Bridge, in London, in the name of a war that is not even fought here. And after the terrorist attack, knife crime is in London the cause of more violent dead, with 14 victims in the last month, and 30 stabbed so far in 2017. Killings committed by people that is fighting a silence-Londoner war that apparently has no explanation.

Specialists seems hopeless at explaining why people in some deprived areas of London, are carrying knifes as young as 6 years old. The reason cannot be: because they are poor. The   Stop´s and Search Metropolitan Police initiative is not going to work. Thanks for the good will, we appreciate it, but it´s not going to reduce the crime! I have seen this before, in violent cities, and it only increment police abuses; people´s paranoids; and racial tension, as black youngsters are more 15 times more likely to being stop, than their white peers. When police seized 300 knife in a week, and that is called a success, to me means that there must be at least the double circulating in pockets and backpacks in the capital. Stop selling knifes freely and ask for a licence, that allow to identify who is the owner, as the firearms. There is a feeling of impunity in London, that is keeping the perpetrators going.

Tackling the problem´s root is when crime can be reduced. When there is a knife, there is a story behind who is carrying it. Why are youth stabbing? Are they having the same opportunities as others? When watching a documentary, a young interviewee tells the camera: “where I come from, everyone carries a knife”, that means there is a deeper problem that only carrying a knife.

When I talked about an aggressive measure, I mean more, much more actions, that make us see a light in the tunnel of terror attacks and knife crime. Universities Studies, scientific research, something tangible that helps to drawn a line of hope. There are too many, far too many dead around us and I just don´t want to get used to it.

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#Knifecrime have taken 14 lives in the last 4 weeks in #London´s streets. Why are we killing ourselves? #CrimeMustFall


Yoaimaruc Garcia.


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