Calling London´s women for my campaign: Kick Between Legs! Or Hit those Bastards on the Tube!

Wake up London´s women! How on earth, we are letting those weirdos carry on rubbing our bums and grabbing breast on London Tube, and buses without a consequence. As soon as you feel a weirdo grabbing, leering or cat-calling you, just kick him between legs. Or hit him wherever possible, really. It´s time to star self-defending ourselves right on the spot.

Between 2014 and 2015, at least 723 women were target of unwanted sexual behaviour on the capital´s underground and buses. The most appalling fact: 322 (45%) of those attacks were committed at peak hours, when the tube is packed. So, apparently, when there are more people, is when they get more excited with: rubbing, leering, groping, masturbating (yes, on public!), making indecent acts, making sexual comments, and taking pictures without consent. It´s appalling that sexual harassment is raising in our liberal London, and that 90% of these cases are unreported to police. Well, I allow myself to ask: What is happening to us? Not only we are not able to react, shout, and slap the masturbator. Nor, we go to the police to report it. Come on! Is that the example want to send to younger girls?

I know, I know. It´s traumatising going on the tube, minding your own business, and feel a sick hand touching you. But, would you let a chap on the pub rub him against you without consent? Not, really. Why is the tube so paralysing, then? Do anything but keeping quiet. I have some ideas to put in practice to stop sexual weirdos (apart from kicking, right? That is always the best idea!) For rubbing: start angrily torqueing at him, and shout: Do you like it? Because, I don´t. For leering: put your middle finger on your cleavage, and shout: do you like it? Because I don`t. For unwanted pictures: threat them with mashing the phone. Or follow the example of the last victim of sexual stupidity this month, the Londoner Victoria Kember, 30, a cabaret compère, who took pictures of a bunch of 11 “sexist pigs” that cat-called her, at White City Station. And, because she didn´t take the humiliation or low her head, and instead, she fought back with a great middle finger, they told she “deserved to be raped”. What a bunch of looser!

I´m calling for changing this now. Yes, the campaign “Report it, to Stop it”, to stop sexual harassment by Transport for London, the British Transport Police, the Metropolitan Police Service and City of London Police, is a good initiative, but it´s not enough. The best action should come from us. Believe me, some kicking karate moves will top the abuse and will defend our right of being rubbed, yes, but by the ones we like.

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Stop those #London #tube weirdos grabbing bums. Join my “Kick Between Legs! Or Hit those Bastards” campaign



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