Venezuela: the oil-rich country that ended up as a miserable drug trafficking state

By Yoaimaruc Garcia. Feb, 2017

It is official, Venezuela is now famous for be a drug state. Forget the world’s biggest heavy oil reserves, Tepuis in Amazonia, breathtaking beaches, delicious rum and good humoured people. All those attributes that once made Venezuela well known for are overshadowed by the fact that the Bolivarian Revolution has been breeding a bunch of drug lords that are at the center of the government power.

Last month, Venezuelan vice-president, Tareck El Aissami, was accused by the United State’s administration of being a “Kingpin” on international drug trafficking  global money laundering operations, and even Middle East terrorist connections. Serious accusations, made after three years of thorough investigation by the American Treasury Department, that made clear to everyone that the stories and rumours about the senior military and government’s politicians heavily involved in the drug shipping, crime and corruption are true. Even more, it is now clear, very clear, why the Government is the only culprit for the humongous social, economic and humanitarian crisis Venezuela is at.

El Aissami is the most senior Venezuelan official to have been ever targeted by the United States Government with the called “Clinton List”, which sanctioned him with his visa cancellation, barring him from entering the country, confiscation of his two luxury flats in Miami, Florida, and the blockage from business of 13 companies owned by his front man, Samark López, who is well known to be a corrupt businessman connected with food purchase and distribution.

After this sort of news people would expect from a decent country’s President to react, ask for explanations, open an official investigation and ask the vice-president to step down while the situation is cleared. But, what can you expect from Venezuela’s president, Nicolas Maduro?

First, he maintained a coward silence, after he cynically defended his vice-president’s supposed honour. And, at the end, Maduro had the greatest idea ever: he asked the United States’ Government for an apology. An apology? Is Maduro serious? In which world does he live in?

No government takes Maduro seriously, neither in the past, nor now when his VP is the living proof that Venezuela is a drug State. There is no any doubt that food shortage, street crime, kidnaps and the general crisis are the result of his useless government. Maduro it is time to quit from power, call for democratic elections and return Venezuela to the decent place we used to be 17 years ago.

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Is Venezuela having a drug party? Or turning a blind eye?
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