The most hated and controversial pizza toppings

By Yoaimaruc Garcia. Feb 17, 2017

The president of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, went viral when he made clear that pineapple is so abominable on pizza that he will legally ban it. But pineapple is not alone as the most hated topping as lately some creations have raised controversy on pizza´s world.

The new gamers: Peas and mayonnaise

Image result for erica i am disgusted

When we thought we had seen it all, this mix-match surprised last month and it is now the most controversial topping. Dethroning pineapple as number one, peas and mayo have been named as “abominable” and “toddlers vomit”. The creator, a Twitter user called Air-ic, generated such a social media storm that after 4 hours, 332,000 people’s views and 1,400 retweets, he deleted his account.

Sweetie Pineapple: Sorry but you are not popular

Image result for pineapple in pizza meme

You have come to politics lady! The president of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, has said that he would pass a law to ban you from pizza if he could. A fruit on a crust? It is comparable to start adding raisins too. Its detractors cried that pineapple does not match with cheese or ham, goes watery and simply destroys the essence of a nice pizza.

Olives: People feel “pitted” for you

Image result for pizza giphy

Green, blacks, tapenade, the hate is the same. Some dislike their aspect as they look as eyes in the pizza, but beyond that people think they are disgusting little things that spread their salty, weird, canned flavour into the cheese and you can’t even take them out because they stick madly to it.

Sea creatures: Better stay there

Image result for Orphan Black anchovies

You belong to the sea, stay there! Tuna, calamari and anchovies are a no-no for most. Opinions are divided as many say that anchovies are too salty that they can break their gums in half or too fishy to be eaten in public. The specific case with anchovies puts the discussion in another field: Does cheese go with seafood? The connoisseurs back in Naples, Italy, said the “Napoletana” was and is served without cheese.


Pinneapple on pizza is not that bad. New toppings are turning stomachs upside down in pizza town #pizza #hatetopping


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